Recall Toyota Prius Failure Informed hybrid pioneer

Failure Informed hybrid pioneer

Toyota is recalling its flagship hybrid Prius. Due to an error in the electronics, the vehicles could be thwarted.

Toyota calls in Germany due to a possible software problem 13,000 Prius the third generation in the workshop. The built between January 2009 to February 2014 hybrid vehicles may occur in individual cases to an overload in the electronics in repeated hard acceleration.

If an error occurs, the warning lights are lit and the Prius switches to an emergency program with reduced drive power. Then speed is a maximum of 80 possible.

Worldwide concerns the software problem of the current generation all Prius models, which are nearly 1.9 million vehicles. Around 400 copies with errors have been reported to the carmaker to now, eleven in Germany. Accidents are not known.

When you stay in the workshop improved software will free up plays a maximum of half an hour have affected Prius Holder invest. Four years ago, Toyota had its flagship model called back due to a software error. According to the carmaker is now a voluntary recall for quality assurance.