Rapid Outlook fast and expensive

Fast and expensive

After switching to four-cylinder engines Porsche after Boxster dynamically through the city is now the Coupé Cayman with the digit addition 718th presents's Brabus with the new smart. 80 kW / 109 HP and 170 Nm mean about 20 percent more power and about 25 percent more torque than in its predecessor. Thomas Lang introduces the new city car, whose Preise start at 19 710 euros.

The British sports car manufacturer and the Austrian energy drink manufacturer Red Bull plan together the most expensive car ever in England. It should cost about three million euros, coming in two years on the market and come up with better performance can race car formula 1 - as a present. Fast and expensive also applies to our test: we're with the zero S 11 kW. The electric bike is the most expensive light motorcycle in Germany - but also the fastest.

Renault bought the Clio a facelift and a new engine. Skoda invites you to the media gathering, and ZF presents its security technologies.

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