Ram 1500 is the luxury SUV

Monza, 18. May 2018

The Segment of luxury SUVs grows, flourishes and takes sometimes quite bizarre forms. Something like that should you still have not seen. The curtain on the Atulux (All-Terrain Utility Luxury), the Italian Tuner Aznom. This takes a Ram 1500, and turns him into a SUV that goes on in terms of opulence completely through the ceiling.

A bit of Maybach

Managed the Design of the Atulux? Now, as you look at it. With the stretched cabin and the small boot clip on it is a little reminiscent of the recently in Beijing, shown Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Concept. Mechanically, the Aznom familiar-force grumpy to the well-known, 396-HP 5.7-Liter V8 in the Ram. The transformation is accompanied by an amplification of the framework. There are larger brakes with Eight-piston callipers on the Front. For adequate riding comfort, an air suspension provides. Additional insulating Material brings more rest in the load.

At the rear it is exquisite

In the interior of the Aznom Atulux pampered the passengers in the rear row of seats. Despite the power of the vehicle only two people in the rear space, but there is a lack of much of anything. The majority of the cabin including the headliner is beat with a flamboyant quilted Nubuck leather. Alcantara and the generous use of wood to complement the ambience. Between the two rear seats, a massive center console that is full of Aha-experience-features. Here you will find, among other things, an illuminated, Golden bordered Whiskey tray, an extendable Espresso machine and a refrigerator in the center armrest. Also that should be boring, you can still use the two XXL Displays from the ceiling to and play Xbox.

Off-road VIP-Shuttle

That large vehicles that can be converted to super luxurious VIP Shuttles, of course, is nothing New. However, it is at the Basis of cars, typically Mercedes Sprinter, VW buses, or the like. The Aznom Atulux brings – no matter whether you like the look (or the strange name) is good – neat fresh Wind. In addition, the Builder promises from the Atulux more off-road competence. The next celebrity Event in impenetrable terrain is finally only a question of time.(sw)