Radical Racer

Wolfsburg, 23. April 2018

For some time the electric car, with the VW at this year's mountain to compete in the race on the Pikes Peak wants, everyone is talking about. Now, VW has let the final cat out of the bag and the I. D. R Pikes Peak officially presented.

Powerful Poultry

The Design has already said a lot, only so much: The VW I. D. R Pikes Peak reminds at best rudimentary in the previous I. D.-studies of the brand. Huge Spoiler to ensure a maximum grip. They are also necessary, in view of the key figures of the now-paved route to the summit of Pikes Peak 4.302 meters height: 156 curves and 1440 meters difference in altitude must be overcome, and all this in a single attempt. Test just a section of rides and very limited.

Insane Acceleration

As in the time of the Pikes Peak Golf for the years 1985 to 1987, VW also uses the I. D. R on two engines. The two electric units offer a system output of 500 kilowatts, according to 680 HP. Add to 650 Newton meters of maximum torque and a weight of under 1,100 kg. In the view of the engineers, not the maximum range, but the highest possible performance. So the VW is usually in only 2.25 seconds to sprint from zero to 100 km/h. Thus, under the car, even cars of formula 1 and formula E. About 20 percent of the required electrical energy are generated during the 20-kilometre journey to the summit by recuperation. In the target on 24. June 2018, then a time under 8:57,118 minutes of the previous electric record.(rh)