Racing Elise comes to the street

Hethel ( UK ), September 8, 2014

It was only in August 2014 Erlkönig images of a wild winged Lotus Elise had caused confusion. Now it is: Lotus builds a road version of its race car Elise S Cup R. The Elise S Cup as the production model will be called, is the fokussierteste Elise variant. As regards the price and the radicalism, she sits on the three other versions Elise, Elise S and Elise Club Racer. The car will cost at least € 56,350. For comparison, the normal Elise S is to have from 47 610 €.

Aerodynamics as the Elise - Cupfahrzeug

Like the race car the Elise S Cup by a 1.8 - liter supercharged engine is driven, the output of 220 hp and 250 Newton meters. It weighs 932 kg, accelerates in 4.6 seconds to 100 km / h, and creates about 230 km / h. The vehicle receives the same aerodynamic features as the racing version. This includes a front splitter, side skirts, winglets, a rear diffuser and a large rear spoiler. The Cup - road version produced at 160 km / h an output of 66 kilos at top speed is as high as 125 pounds. The result is faster by three seconds lap time compared with the Elise S on the private Lotus test track.

Conversion for racing possible

The Lotus Elise S Cup sits on super lightweight six-spoke alloy wheels in 16 inch ( front) and 17 inches ( rear). Contact with the road holding Yokohama Advan tires in 175/55 - ZR16 225/45 ZR17 front and rear. The adjustable suspension should make it from racing in the street car. Unlike the race car version has street legal but on headlights, better cooling and license plates. A roll bar is just like preparing for a fire extinguisher and an emergency stop system as standard. Thus, one can also road vehicle relatively easily converted for racing . ( sw )