Quick Sofa and raging bed

Beaulieu (United Kingdom), 6. July 2017

If you are planning your summer vacation in England, we have a hot tip: Visit on the 23. July 2017, the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, near Southampton. There is then a new special exhibition called "Wacky Record Breakers", or in English "Crazy record breaker". On that Sunday, the TV Star and car inventor Edd China will demonstrate his eccentric creations live.

With the bathroom on the way

Edd China is going to be a lot of German television viewers from the TV series "The professionals" (in the Original: "Wheeler Dealers"). There, he recently gave the Post of mechanic, of the old cars to life. Less well known is the fact that Edd has pretty much put wild things on wheels. About a street-legal Sofa (which is in the UK!), he will turn in Beaulieu a few rounds. But it is even better, because Edd around curves with his role in the bathroom. Yes, a bathroom. With the name "Bog Standard" ("bog" is the unrefined use of the English word for the Loo) and a peak of around 68 km/h. Everything from the British MOT, taxed and insured. The driver grips the handlebar ends to the left and to the right of the sink and sitting on the toilet. His passenger is allowed to take into the bath space.

The fastest bed in the world

If you are already of the opinion that British spiders: It is still crass. The good Edd has also motorized a double bed. 111 km/h top range, theoretically, for the highway. Only slightly slower to be driving a garden house made of wood, namely a maximum of 93 km/h. Furze Issued also insane conversions of Colin. He is responsible for the fastest bumper car in the world, has achieved thanks to "The Stig" from the cult show "Top Gear" but funny 161 km/h. It made a 600-cubic-engine from Honda. Hardly less gagaesk in the world car fastest in children (85 km/h), and the world's fastest wheelchair-Scooter (up to 132 km/h). This fits in with the other special exhibition that can be visited in Beaulieu: "For Britain and for the hell of it" shows British world record cars that were chasing after the highest speed on Land. If that's not enough, you can take the redesigned "World of Top Gear" or the more than 250 vehicles of the permanent exhibition.(rh)