Quick reunion after 60 years

Bonneville (United States), 23 August 2016

60 years ago in August 1956 Renault with the "Étoile Filante" set four new world speed records, of which two still have stock. Now, six decades after the record, the flat blue bolide at the site of his success returns. In his luggage: a new age record carrier and the son of a Renault legend.

308.5 km/h in 1956

That translated "Shooting star" baptised car is a turbine powered by, that around 270 horsepower. The body consists of glass fiber and is therefore very light. On the salt flats of Bonneville, Utah reached the shooting star with their pilots Jean Hébert 1956 finally an average speed of 308.5 km/h over five kilometers, a record for turbine cars, which still exists today.

Prost in second generation Renault

Together with the "Étoile Filante" Renault brought another car to Bonneville: a Dauphine that 2016 celebrates her 60th birthday just like the turbines record. As a driver during the Bonneville Speedweek Nicolas Prost was hired, son of formula 1 legend Alain Prost and even of successful racing driver. Prost and the Dauphine set a record in the class "Classic gas Coupé" for the vehicle, which completed the course with an average speed of 123,81 km/h. (mf)