Q3 with Longboard for the city

Beijing, 25 April 2016

The work and commuter traffic on German motorways are you annoyed? Travel times to Beijing. In August 2010, nothing at all went there for a distance of approximately 90 km full twelve days. Twelve! Days! No wonder that development laboratory of Audi in Beijing deals with the problem of the crowded inner city. The result is now on the China Auto (25th April to 4th may 2016) in Beijing: a Q3 with integrated electric Longboard. Sounds crazy, but is actually a cool idea.

Study on Q3 base

The study somewhat bulky named "Audi connected mobility concept" is based on the compact SUV Q3. A Longboard a long skateboard is located in the rear of the vehicle. The special feature of the Audi Longboard is its electric drive in addition to the ALU-carbon material mix. With up to 30 km/h is maximum twelve kilometers electrically forward. The battery of the Longboard is automatically loaded in Q3.

With the Longboard around town

But the idea behind the special accessory begins long before the driver climbs on the Longboard. The infotainment system of the Q3 is networked with the calendar feature on the driver's Smartphone and calculated the best mix of mobility from the destination, the scheduled arrival time, and the volume of traffic. That means in plain language: downtown is too full, the Q3 is looking for a parking space and change the driver on the Longboard. From then on, he has a choice between three driving modes: In the "Scootermodus" a handlebar can be fold out, to which is attached the Smartphone with Navi app. In "sport"mode, you must do without handlebar and controls the Longboard on a mobile app. In "Transport mode", acts as electric shopping cart the Longboard and follows the previous owner or its Smartphone fully automatically. Not only in China. (mf)