Premium Pick-up for artisans and the life of Tyler

Stuttgart, 18. July 2017

Pick-ups and Premium actually fit together as well as fire and water. The loaded burros with open cargo space to be liable always something Rural, and, actually, less to brands such as Mercedes. On the other hand, Stuttgart are also several vans in the program, or the G-class and the twin models of V have a-class/Vito. So why not Pick-up? So, starting in November 2017, there are the new Mercedes X-class.

Apparently, only one car body version

Of different body styles – from Pick-ups are usually offered two - and four-door variants – is out of the question. Accordingly, the X-class, well-to-four-doors and five seats as in the pictures. The length of the vehicle is not yet revealed, but the wheelbase is uniformly 3.15 meters. Otherwise, the car is variable. The new X-class will appeal to both classic Pick-up customers, such as craftsmen or farmers and foresters, as well as the urban Lifestyle buyer. There are three facilities: Pure, Progressive and Power.

At the beginning of two four-cylinder Diesel

As a top engine is a V6 Diesel will be available from mid-2018, with 258 HP and 550 Newton metres of torque. For introduction to the market, there is only a 2.3-litre Diesel with four cylinders, the mobilised with a simple charging 163 HP (X 220 d), with Biturbo, but 190 HP (X 250 d). In some markets, such as Dubai and Morocco, there is also a diesel with 165 PS (X 200). In addition to a six-speed gearshift is also a seven-speed-automatic transmission.

Coil springs all round

The X-class has the commercial vehicle typical ladder frame. Independent suspension only on the front, the rear "multi-link-axle works with rigid Achsanteil," says Mercedes. All the time on the road, comfortable to drive, the car has coil springs on both axles – uncommon Pick-ups. All the wheels are brakes with internally ventilated disk. The ground clearance is 20 inches. This "comfort suspension" is for Europe as standard, while the received non-European markets, a raised suspension.

Rear-wheel drive and two wheel drive systems

In addition to the rear wheel is also offered all-wheel drive, in two variants: From the start of a switchable all-wheel drive system is available, a permanent all-wheel drive (the V6 Diesel) is followed by mid-2018. Both systems have low range gearing and can be optionally equipped with a differential lock on the rear axle.

17 large kegs of beer? No Problem

The payload is up to 1.1 tonnes. That's enough, for example, for the Transport of 17 full 50-Liter beer barrels on the cargo area, the Mercedes. The latter is so wide that between the wheel arches for a Euro pallet crosswise can be loaded. As the only Midsize Pickup, the X-class is fitted with a lighting of the loading area. With a pulling force of up to 3.5 tonnes, the X can drag class in addition, a trailer with three horses, or a Eight-Meter Yacht.

LED headlights, real time traffic info, and more

For the Cockpit there is (in connection with the multimedia system Comand Online) is a 8.4-inch Display, according to Mercedes, the largest in the Segment. In the two higher equipment, the X-class has the familiar Touchpad in the center console for the input of letters. The version, with the V6 Diesel also comes with drive mode select and paddle shifters for the automatic. The top-notch features Power has electric seats adjustable front. The high-tech offer, among other things, LED headlights, lane-keeping assist, and trailer stability program. The X-class also features a built-in SIM card, on the by App fuel level or tire pressure queries. Thus, the Transmission of real-time congestion information is possible. Is manufactured for the European X-class in the Nissan plant in Barcelona, because the car was developed in cooperation with Partner Renault-Nissan. Prices in Germany start at 37.294 Euro.(sl)