Powerful what on the box

Stuttgart, 26 August 2015

Apparently there are fathers who actually dream about the Mercedes E 63 AMG, but then have to resort to a V - Class as rolling kindergarten. Since Mercedes has no plans to transplant a potent V8 in the minibus, a new " AMG - Line " has to be enough for athletic feelings.

Long live sport

In the case of the V - Class is the newly designed front and rear aprons, side skirts and panels to the AMG 19-inch light alloy wheels. In addition, a 17 - inch brake system and a 15 mm lowered sports suspension with firmer note. Interior looks Papi on sports pedals in brushed aluminum and carbon - ornaments in the cockpit. From the end of 2015, the " AMG Line " for all engine and body lengths is available for purchase.

More luxury

Often, the V - class is used as an airport shuttle and noble business bus. For these purposes, there by year's end more extras. They include a panorama roof, a large center console with refrigerated compartment including illuminated Thermo cupholder in rear, two iPad mounts in the rear and an air-conditioning of the rear seats. The glass roof is divided into two parts and consists of a sliding front and a fixed rear glass element, thanks to a rain sensor remembers the sunroof when it gets wet and moves to the stroke position in order to protect the interior . ( rh )