Porsche 911: First info on the new edition

Stuttgart, 23. February 2018

Virtually every car brand has its icon, in their development of tact is required. Also, Porsche has already have to see how the Fans of the 911, went to the barricades, as the end was threatened. Or as the 996-Generation with a Fried egg lamps, water-cooled, shocked. The more careful it is currently in the series 992, the next 911 is coming in 2019 the market. Here are the first official photos and some statements by series boss August Achleitner.

Always the best 911 of all time

That much is clear when looking at the still-camouflaged 992: The great Revolution remains optically, the existing Design will be further developed. We expect other bumpers, very narrow LED rear lights, and a digital Cockpit. But we hear what Achleitner, the father of several of the 911 series, the Porsche customer magazine "Christophorus" has said: "We know where we come from and where we want to go. It is crucial that the 911 offers a driving feel that can convey no other car," says Achleitner. And further: "the new 911 is again the best penalty of all time."

How much New may be?

However, Achleitner, what are the Trends and issues currently, the car industry, such as digitization, electrification, and connectivity-and-white, of course. But he is taking things calmly: "every Innovation is the decisive criterion for me is whether it fits with the character of the 911. We don't have to be with the 911 in this relationship, not necessarily the First. It is essential that any new innovation is offered in a Porsche-typical characteristics," says Achleitner. Assistance systems Yes, if you do not fit the 911, Autonomous Driving is coming for him, but in the bag: "that's Why a Porsche 911 will always have a steering Wheel." Also, will be according to Achleitner, the 911 is one of the last cars, and Autonomous driving.

The 992 is not purely electric

And an electric drive in a Porsche 911? The do not want to exclude Achleitner, meanwhile, categorically. The 992 don't compete but definitely as an electric sports car, as Achleitner. Sometime later, this could be quite an Option. Hooked got him a ride in the prototype of the upcoming electric Mission e. we, therefore, Wait to offer what the 992. Completely electric, it is not so. But it may be a mild hybrid with 48-Volt on-Board network? Or even a Version with a Plug-in Hybrid? It Achleitner says nothing, but that they will also think in the future, "basic innovations". (Source: Porsche Newsroom)(rh)