Porsche 911 993 'Project Gold' sold

Two months ago Porsche Classic during the Monterey Car Week, to be precise, at the Concours d'elegance of Pebble Beach, a special 993. The gold car is now sold for a staggering 2.7 million euros.

Rare or even unique Porsches deliver actually invariably high amounts and this 993 has not succeeded to that trend to break. During an auction, in which a total of 51 cars the revue passed, was the special 993 within ten minutes afgehamerd for exactly €2.743.500. The net proceeds would be for Porsche to €2.589.027 and that amount will be used entirely to the benefit of the Ferry Porsche Foundation, earlier this year-ranging foundation that primarily wants to work for young deprived people in the immediate vicinity of the German factories of Porsche, though also elsewhere, projects to be supported.

The Project Gold-993 is distinguished first of all by the regular and valuable 993 Turbo s by its color, but it doesn't stop there. It is a so-called " restomod, and so has Porsche Classic itself in the restoration are given the chance to modernise. Thus, there is a completely new air-cooled 3.6 that 450 hp supplies. The rest of the car is also all new and the chassis number follows that of the last original 993 Turbo in 1998, the band rolled in. For his millions will buy the new owner in any case not the pleasure to be with this car on nice coastal roads to hunt, because the 'new-old' 911 not straatlegaal. The car will also most likely be in the collection of a collector disappear.

Who was behind the net has fished can be comforted with the fact that Porsche is a number of parts of the gold 911 available for other 993's. That applies, for example, the particular aluminum filler cap – yes - and the black exhaust.