Police find a rather special kidnapping victim in the trunk of Boxtel

The action of a lame person?

Yes, that makes you look sheepish as an agent. During a check on Saturday night, the police came across a special find. In the trunk of a German Volkswagen Jetta they found the victim of a kidnapping: a sheep. The victim had a Dutch ear tag, so the officers knew that the sheep did not belong in the German trunk.

According to RTL Nieuws, the driver of the Volkswagen Jetta is a 37-year-old man. It turned out that he was under the influence. Well, if Mike Tyson's tiger is too far away. The police have arrested the driver. Next time it will be easier to get the shawarma ready-made from the snack bar.

The kidnapper found the sheep to eat

The staff at the Eigen Wijs petting zoo in Eindhoven thinks the sheep has been kidnapped for slaughter. An employee of the farm told Omroep Brabant: 'Why else would you take such an animal? Not for cuddling.” And indeed: one is not enough to count to fall asleep.

The animal ambulance was called for the sheep. The animal appeared unharmed. The Lambi sheep has now safely returned to the farm. To be on the safe side, the sheep is housed in a pasture with a higher fence.