Played: formula 1 2016

Planegg, August 5, 2015

With formula 1 2016 Codemasters Developer Studio brings the current formula one season on home consoles. Compared to the previous version by 2015 a lot should have done themselves. We want to convince ourselves of it and pinch us behind the virtual steering wheel.

Extensive career mode

The entry into the racing career of the game begins with a little motor sports bureaucracy: one chooses an avatar, renames him with his own name, tells him a starter and a helmet design to then go there. The developers have attached great importance on the career mode with the 2016er version of the game, he missed by 2015 namely. Up to ten consecutive seasons you can play now. Whether you are starting with the underdog team Manor or directly as a title aspirant in Mercedes, is up to you. More fun is it but to work through from bottom to top. Get help from the own agents and by race engineer. The former manages contract offers, press interviews, and takes a look at the media. With special development tasks, the engineering ensures a nice secondary program before the actual race.

Living game experience

Clicking through the virtual paddock of Hockenheim, always familiar faces stand out. Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene, at RedBull the young Max Verstappen is: the level of detail is very high, which will benefit the gaming experience even before you sit in the car the first time. Change in the garage. From the perspective of the riders seen in the chaos in the box: mechanic change tires, passes outside the competition. Time to do some quick laps.

Not as easy as it looks on TV

One thing first: of course you can play F1 2016 with the gamepad, but you don't do that in real traffic also or? The racing seat with steering wheel and pedals in the formula 1-style is on the line. I'm in the Ferrari SF16-H, the car of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkönen. The V6 turbo hybrid support accelerated the Red goddess in the elongated Parabolika curve to well over 300 km / h. brake on the hairpin: not so easy, is the inner front wheel without ABS, white smoke rises. At the same time, the transmission will be shifted from the eighth to second gear. Vertex made, fully on the gas of the SF16-H dances with the rear. You leave out the optional driver AIDS, F1 is 2016 surprisingly challenging and demands a lot from the players.

Race strategy and safety car

After qualifying I find myself on the 4 seat. In qualifying must be not only a decent lap time driven out, but also a pit strategy for the race. The range of tasks the player not only confined to the mere driving, but faithfully traces the real end of a formula 1 race weekend. It will be particularly tough at the start, where the right moment for the start-up must be found with clutch and gas pedal. In the warm-up lap Mobile for the first time in a formula 1 game, the tyres and brakes on temperature must be brought also, via speech recognition you can interact with the race engineer because tension comes up. Now again the safety car onto the track or a "virtual safety car" phase can be called during the race.

Extensive game content

But not only the features that make the game experience so much better, are new. A lot has happened even in the content. For the first time the new Haas racing team from the United States, as well as the spectacular city route in the Azerbaijan capital of Baku in the game are available in addition to current cars and drivers of known teams. This provides the player with tight curves without room for error and long full-throttle straight before a real challenge and it makes a lot of fun, to master the track with a great deal of sensitivity.

Great progress

In summary, it can be said that F1 2016 made more as a major step forward compared to the previous game forward. The content is more extensive, the gaming experience more vivid and driving in damn sophisticated without being incomprehensible. We are looking forward to the 19th August 2016, then the game will namely be for PS4, Xbox one and PC at dealerships. If you always wanted your inner Vettel let out, you now have the best opportunity to do so. (mf)