Pagani Zonda S as a color art project

Monaco, 28. May 2018

The Saudi Arabian painter Shalemar Sharbatly has specialized in the design of everyday objects. Cars play a special role. Thus, images of a brightly colored Porsche 911, a Ferrari 360 Modena and a Mini John Cooper Works is available at their Website. This time, she has made a Pagani Zonda S and a color piece of art. The car was introduced in Monaco, in the framework of the formula 1 race on the 27th. May 2018.

First, a film came on it

The, from 1999 to 2017-built Pagani Zonda S is probably one of the most exciting super sports car in the world. The designers say they're going to connect the curves of a woman with the aggressive look of a hunting bombers. So the good piece is not damaged (and to be able to Sharbatly a flawless canvas), was covered on the car first, from the packaging specialists D-Factory Italia with a film. In four days of intense hand-painted Sharbatly then the entire body of the Pagani Zonda S.

Cold and warm colors

The colors form a gradient from cool to warm tones. The Front is decorated in Blue and light green, on the passenger side are Red and pink tones. The rear and the driver's side are blue again. The interior was designed by leather specialists Foglizzo, whose Pride it is, a maximum range of leather colours.(sl)