Over the hedge

Warrington (England), 27 July 2016

Logged off, turned off, forget: A car fate that often takes a happy ending with exciting barn finds. But automobile treasures hide not only in old Hay barns. This proves the British company H & H classics, which offers two very special garden finds at its next auction on October 12, 2016.

E-type in the sleeping beauty sleep

The younger of the two cars is a Jaguar E-type Roadster in 1966 of right-hand driven by only 863, a 4.2 liter models. The Red convertible was recently awakened from its decades-long slumber in a garden in Bedfordshire. Hidden under a tarp, the E-type spent most of his life in the shadow of a Holly, which once had to be made for the recovery. It describes the State at H & H classics as "surprisingly good", the engine ran free and the original tire would still have enough air. The E-type including hard - and soft-top should bring in equivalent at the auction in October between 65,000 and 77,000 euros.

Pre war racing car

The second finding of the garden is a Lister in 1933, which in 1970 was discovered and rescued by the current seller in a hedge. An elaborate restoration can shine the car in the splendour of bygone times. The vehicle is modeled after the Lister two-litre, with the team "Fox & Nicholl" 1934 reached the seventh place in the 24-hour race of Le Mans drivers Lewis and Hindmarsh. The red car is stra├čenzugelassen and has been newly revised. The current owners took advantage of the Lister for extended trips from England in the Tuscany and laid back with the pre-war racing each year approximately 8,000 kilometers. The car should be with the long and eventful history at the auction a bid from 47,000 to 60,000 euros. (mf)