Opening: ?? Porsche. Panic. Power. ??

Stuttgart, February 2, 2015

With nearly 70 years Udo Lindenberg fills stadiums with his music, collecting awards, inspires young artists and supports his foundation projects in Africa. By the way he is now over 20 years since one of the most successful German Pop Art artist. The Porsche Museum now launched a special jack of all trades.

Images, installations and a leather jacket

" Porsche. Panic. Power" in addition to pictures, liqueur Ellen and installations also shows numerous exhibits from Lindenberg's private collection. Among them is among other things a leather jacket, which he once gave Erich Honecker and a shawm, which sent back the former State President of the Council of the GDR at him. In addition, the exhibition shows the important stages in the musical and social life of Lindenberg. So the artist's life and at the same time the development of the Porsche brand represented on several time strings.

Concert before the official opening

The night before the official opening Lindenberg brought the guests personally closer to his work and was the highlight of a concert in the middle of the exhibition surrounded by historic Porsche cars. Matthias Müller, CEO of Porsche AG, commented: "Udo and Porsche that fits Both are a brand ?? everyone in its segment for decades.. "

Opening times and prices

The special exhibition is on show until 12 April 2015, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from nine to 18 clock. Adults are charged EUR eight entry. Reduced cost of the tour of the Porsche and Lindenberg - story four euros . (ml)