Opel and the new Meow

Rüsselsheim, Germany, 28 July 2016

Smile! If Star photographer Ellen von Unwerth speaks these words at a recent calendar shoot, it could be difficult. Because the most important subject smiles rarely. To be precise, never. And has become a superstar. Introducing: Grumpy cat. The surly-looking cat adorns the official Opel calendar 2017.

Georgia and grumpy

Of course not alone posing grumpy cat. It is Georgia may Jagger, daughter of rolling stones singer Mick to the page. But all eyes are on the cat, the bourgeois "Tardar sauce" is called, and with her face her mistress made rich. The American ball of fluff (no, not miss Jagger!) has a Facebook page with 8.7 million fans and is now even in the wax museum Madame Tussauds.

Opel in fur fever

Calendar with cats and cars have almost become a tradition at Opel: in 2015, Karl Lagerfeld put his famous Burma chick Choupette in the and on the Corsa in scene. So now von Unwerth, Jagger and grumpy. Or how Opel marketing Chairwoman Tina Müller exults: "Now we take the photography of famous cats to the next level". The project for 2018 to be so excited. Whether Miller's Chief Karl-Thomas Neumann has a pet? (rh)