On the way to autonomous operation Electronically in Drift

Electronically in Drift

So far cars in autonomous operation emphasizes defensive. But that's coming autopilot can also cope with exceptional situations, BMW sharpens his assistance systems that sense and drives them to the limit. The proverbial sheer driving pleasure one enjoys then even as a passenger.

The tires screech, it pushes a times left and right again into the high side bolsters on the leather seats, the steering wheel is rotating like a spinning top - and Yves Pilat sits behind the wheel, but has hands in her lap. Because the new two BMW-developer is no ordinary car, but a prototype with a particularly rapid autopilot. By pressing a button the research vehicle hurtling over a predetermined course and can also be of adverse circumstances not be dissuaded from the programmed ideal line: Different friction values, understeer or oversteer, longer or shorter braking distances - all of which compensated for the electronic driver, as if it were a regular in the race driver -School. So the test vehicle will centimeter at high speed off the slalom between the pylons, stays on wet asphalt at a predetermined circular path and dominated in an evasive maneuver to change lanes of a roadway lane in the next perfect.

© BMWDas Coupé automatically follows the ideal line Brand new is not the function. Basically, there is at Bayern as so-called " Track Coach " for several years. However, it was the time designed to help sports drivers to better times on the track. Now he is to be with sharpened senses and more options become an important building block for autonomous driving. " If we can drive the car alone, then we must also ensure that it has sufficient room for maneuver in critical situations, the border area its full capacity and in case of doubt can literally turn things around the steering wheel ," says Werner Huber, the BMW, the development of assistance systems forwards. In an emergency escape at the last minute, extremely fast change lanes, go with full force in the iron - with the usually defensive nature of the support driving to get there not very far.

So the prototype builds unlike current production vehicles not only on the ESP sensors and braking not only the individual wheels. For the first time he also uses targeted steering pulses to stabilize the car and drive a clean course so in all circumstances. The result: even in unexpected situations such as when suddenly occurring aquaplaning or strong crosswinds reacts the car like a well-trained drivers and doing everything possible to comply with the specified line as closely as possible. And in the end simply still to turn the corner. " Of course, we can use the laws of physics do not overturn it," knows developer Pilat. " But we can at least fully exploited, if it is needed again."

[ wp_ad_camp_1 ] The advanced electronic stability program alone is not enough in favor of grants and a Huber. When it comes to autonomous driving, which is just one of many building blocks, which include among other things, the environment detection. Because before the autopilot with such drastic maneuvers to respond to an emergency situation, he must indeed first know that he is in a tricky situation.

Although work is progressing well on these blocks with high pressure. Not for nothing is the BMW highly automated driving for the beginning of the next decade in view. However, Bayern have learned that you do in this matter rather many small steps as a very big leap. Long before the autopilot comes, it will therefore be based on this new security features such as improved stability systems or alternate assistants, the researchers promised.

But it's not just about safety Huber and relaxation. By drifting autopilot development manager wants something else proofs: The proverbial sheer driving pleasure can be even more experience when behind the wheel is only viewers themselves: " Even an autonomous BMW must be an extremely dynamic car ever. "