Oh no, Mansory has modified another jet ski

Even the trailer on which the jet ski is placed gets the Mansory treatment

In 2015 we were introduced to a jet ski from Mansory during the Frankfurt car fair. Eight years later, the German company is back with a special version of a moped for on the water. Mansory rebuilds a Seadoo GTX 300, for the connoisseurs, and gives the jet ski a new name: the Marlin Jet 400.

The entire jet ski has been reskinned with hideous carbon fiber and the seat area is now made of seawater resistant leather. The adjustments should make the Seadoo ten kilos lighter, although we think that the shame on your shoulders while sailing with this thing is much heavier.

Top speed of the Mansory jet ski

Mansory does not discuss any power additions for the supercharged 1.6-liter Rotax engine. However, you could achieve a 'terrifying' top speed of 132 km/h, while the speedometer on the GTX 300 goes up to 116 km/h. So there is something going on there that Mansory doesn't want to tell us about.

Do you feel like an 'ambitious water sports enthusiast'? Then the Marlin Jet 400 jet ski is for you, according to Mansory. 25 units will be built and each jet ski can accommodate three people. You can choose a color yourself, so it doesn't have to be this disgusting light blue or yellow color. You can also play some music, but how much do you notice it when you fly over the waves at 130 km/h?

You can also sail in the dark thanks to LED headlights. If we believe the images, you can even get a matching trailer to go with your Mansory jet ski with insane rims. Please don't do this people. Mansory does not provide information about prices.