Offroad junior end of 2015

Stuttgart, July 3, 2015

By 2013, it was thought that the Mercedes G 65 AMG with V12 biturbo and more than 600 PS is the self-imposed limit of Mercedes Madness. But suddenly a three-axle monster called G 63 AMG was introduced 6x6. Since the Swabian small series giant but leaves terribly impractical move in European everyday ?? it is rather for the sheikhs and oil multinationals in the desert ?? I needed a new model. In early March 2015, there was finally time, and Mercedes showed in Geneva the two-axle, but just as high and insane G 500 4x4². The enthusiasm was great and the manufacturer has now struggled through to actually build the wrong terrain dice in series.

AMG - athletes engine

When G 500 4x4² the normal G-Class provides the vehicle foundation in the form of body and leadframe. In the engine compartment the new V8 powerhouse works from the Mercedes - AMG GT. The 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine delivers 422 hp and develops a maximum torque of 610 Newton meters.

It goes beyond high

Also new is the suspension with spring struts and double adjustable damping. In addition, there is a permanent all-wheel drive, a low range ratio in the transfer case, three lockable differentials while driving and this combined with portal axles. Unlike conventional suspension here are the wheels not at the level of the center of the axis, but are by the portal Gear to Achsköpfen significantly below. Thus, the ground clearance increased to 450 mm and fording depth to 1,000 millimeters.

Prices for launch

In December 2015, there will then be ready and the G 500 4x4² stands at the Mercedes dealers. 226,100 Euro require Schwaben for the monster. Thus, the G 65 AMG is with a base price of 271,915 Euros currently expensive G-Class and the currently most expensive Mercedes model ever. The new G 500 4x4² can model range just not be everywhere at the largest and highest. And a normal G 500? The is to have from 105 035 euros. The 4x4² conversion is therefore worth 112 065 euro . (ml)