Of the racing car on the road

Nürburgring, 17 may 2016

The Nürburgring-Nordschleife worldwide represents the absolute maximum load for a tire with all its different toppings, crests and sinks. I'm sure that the tyre manufacturer Dunlop uses the 'green hell' as a preferred testing ground for its sporty tires. The team from Hanau it attaches particular importance to the development in the hard racing. Already 17 times a Dunlop frosted vehicle won the legendary 24 - hour race in the Eifel.

Development on the race track

In the year 2016, Dunlop supports several teams at the spectacular hunt twice around the clock. 6   500 tyres are brought in the Paddock below the famous Nürburg. The brand with the characteristic yellow black color design is not only an ordinary marketing effect, but also valuable insights for the development of sport road tyre. Because even if the requirements for racing and street tires have some significant differences, motor racing is an important test field.

Sport Maxx race as a sports link

The best example of the successful technology transfer of the route on the road is the Dunlop sport Maxx race. The Super Sport tires creates a very large footprint and thus a significantly higher grip compared to a traditional road tire with its special profile design. The special rubber compound that creates a balance between plasticity and elasticity and the three tyre zones, which are responsible for grip, drainage, and mileage, the sport is Maxx race Dunlop the link between road and track.

Success in motor sports

The team Phoenix racing for the first two rounds to the VLN long-distance Championship 2016 provided the evidence for the excellent work of Dunlop engineers. In the exceptionally strong field of GT3 cars could the driver pairing of Frank Stippler and Anders fjord b equal to two overall victories in a row without that can celebrate a series, "black gold made in Hanau" would have been not possible. Audi factory driver and Nordschleife professional Frank Stippler: "the right tires is very important on the Nordschleife. Not only the enormous centrifugal forces and high speeds make the tire to create, but also different surfaces and rightly notorious Eifel weather. just like on the road" (mf)