Objectivity jazzed up

Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic), 22 February 2017

You may call it sober or factual: Skoda is known for cars without superfluous bells and whistles. In the design you avoided unnecessary decoration. The maximum expression of this objectivity is the rapid since 2012 series. In the meantime, her particularly inconspicuous appearance has meant that hardly anyone has these vehicles on the screen. A facelift including new motors to bring the now rapid back in the spotlight. It will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2017 (March 9-19).

A light goes on

The dimensions remain unchanged: the five-door rapid Spaceback is 4.30 metres long and swallows at least 415 liters of luggage. A real space insider tip is 4.48 meters measuring rapid sedan. She looks like a notchback from, but has a large tailgate, releases the 550 litres of storage space. Especially on the front end, Skoda has modified the rapid brothers. There's another light graphic in the headlights, there the employees with led daytime running lights with integrated turn signals is optional. A chrome bar combines the fog lights in the bumper according to the facilities. The Coverslips of the rear lights are colored black, where rapid sedan is LED technology as standard. Front there's bi-xenon headlamps. Whether these are always included in the price, Skoda does not reveal but. Extras include a light sensor and a high-beam Assistant.

Aufgehübschter Interior

Inside are modified decorative inserts in the doors. In addition, the air intakes, the instruments and the control unit of the air conditioner, were redesigned. On request, Skoda builds a Wi-Fi access, reporting including current traffic information. The upgraded infotainment systems offer auto and Apple CarPlay a Smartphone interface for Android. Two USB ports in the rear are new. The assistance systems which is still rapid modestly, a front radar Assistant including city emergency brake function is available.

New three-cylinder

The probably most important change at the rapid model maintenance relates to the engines. A charged one liter three-cylinder is putting in place of TSI units with capacity of 1.2 litres. It is available in the levels of 95 HP and 110 HP. Skoda has touted the quiet despite missing balance shaft barrel. Whether here also a DSG will be available, the brand does not reveal yet. Complemented the programme through the 1.4 TSI with 125 HP, as well as two 1.4-liter diesel with 90 and 116 HP. standard everywhere is an automatic start-stop system. In the prices of Skoda does not react yet. So far, which began Spaceback rapid with 90 HP at 15.590 euro, the sedan cost $100 more. (rh)