Not too good, not too expensive

Molsheim ( France ), August 26, 2014

Bugatti had at this year's motor show in Pebble Beach ( 12 to 17 August 2014), some in the luggage. Besides strictly limited special editions of the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse as legends sextet, the French manufacturer Edel had parked a truly unique Veyron on the beach in California. Unique because it will actually be only one Bugatti in this form.

The special edition " 1 of 1"

Company President Wolfgang Dürheimer explained what seems obvious at the sight of the yellow and black cars. In addition to the knowledge of owning the fastest roadster in the world, play a very important role exclusivity for Bugatti customers. The basis of the presented Edition " 1 of 1" is a Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse. The design team drew this in consultation with the prospective owners the design inspiration from the history of the vehicle brand itself and packed them into the 16-cylinder monster.

Precious and traditional

The carbon body received traditional Bugatti colors. The two-tone paint as I once seen the Type 41 Royale, the Type 55 and Type 44 in Yellow and Black. The special yellow runs in a sweep from the headlights on the front fenders to the end of the doors. In addition, the A-pillars, the air intakes and engine cover along with rear end in the Hue were painted. The accentuation of the otherwise black skin, is continuing the rim and the tank and oil caps at the Horseshoe Grill. The grille also keeps on hand a further special feature. The usual honeycomb structure of the grill has been replaced by the customer 's initials "PL". Another unique feature is the black and yellow Bugatti logo on the underside of the rear wing. He moves out at a speed of 180 km / h and provides more traction.

Completion in the personalized interior

The interior was adapted to the exclusive requirements of customers and uses the color scheme of the exterior on. The stitching on the steering wheel, on the seats and on the gear lever are decorated in yellow. Bugatti has perforated by laser perforation the yellow silhouette of a Veyron in the black leather of the door panel. Between the seats is a sketch of a Type 35 on the black carbon fiber was placed. Everything in the motto of the company founder Ettore Bugatti ' Nothing is too expensive, nothing is too beautiful. "

Vanishingly small chance

Who wants to see the " 1 of 1" once, has his chance now probably lost. After the show in Pebble Beach, the piece went to its owner and contractor to Singapore. There is some two-million-euro investment, if not it will disappear in a well air-conditioned safe, be seen on the streets. Here, the French noble bolide remains but the black - yellow needle in the haystack of the Singapore city traffic . (ml)