Nobe 100 in Retro dress

London, 5. June 2018

Behind the new brand name, Nobe a Team of young Estonian designers and engineers with founder and CEO Roman Muljar. With the Nobe 100 Muljar presents a purely electrically powered tricycle with a chic Retro Design, the world to revolutionize urban transport.

So stylish, that you would like to lick it

Muljar wanted to create with the Nobe 100 by his own admission a little, "this is so effortlessly stylish that you want to lick it." Read that right: lick. This is by no means an unfortunate Translation from the English, but the idiosyncratic word choice of the Nobe-heads. The emission-free and chic vehicle should merge "personality and Conscience."

Three wheels, three seats

The Nobe 100 has the front two wheels, rear one. It offers space for three persons – two in front, one in back. The vehicle rolls on chic white wall tires in the style of the 50s. In the same style, the Front is held with its round headlamps, while the rear end reminds some of the classic cabin scooter by Messerschmitt.

In 5.9 seconds to 100 km/h

The range is specified with 220 kilometers. With an additional battery, the range can be increased. The vehicle can be in two hours to fully recharge. The standard print of the Nobe 100 completed in a sporty 5.9 seconds and a top speed of 110 kmh. The car has a removable Targa roof. As the benefits Muljar called the small turning circle and that of the Nobe 100 claimed as car Parking less space than a normal small. The all-wheel drive and offers a good Handling, traction and safety in smoothness are better than two wheels, the Nobe-founder.

Looking for investors

What is the cost of the vehicle, is not yet revealed, maybe you know it also not so exactly. Muljar is currently looking for more investors as a tricycle buyers. By Crowdfunding campaign he wants to get around 900.0000 Euro. Thus, the Nobe 100 could go in the series. The investors will be given preference in delivery.(sl)