Nissan shows crazy Star-Wars-cars at the LA Auto Show

Los Angeles, 30. November 2017

If you don't asoziieren the war of the stars with a pretty SUV heavy Japanese car brand, then that is quite understandable. However, George Lucas' legendary space epic, and Nissan have more points of contact than one would assume. Well, first and foremost, it's Marketing, but the product of a collaboration between the inventor of the GT-R, and Star Wars should delight us all. Why? Because Nissan is just opened two weeks before the film launch of "The last Jedi" with no less than six modified show cars in the Star-Wars-Look at the Los Angeles Auto Show. And the sharply tuned Fantasy-Mobile are a real eye-catcher.

Reprint of a cooperation

Why Nissan operates all of these expenses? It's hard to say. In the last year, there was a cooperation. This was relatively useful, because a new Star Wars movie called "Rogue One" came out, and Nissan's sold in the USA, a car, the Rogue is. A car that "The last Jedi", Nissan has at the moment – you don't like it believe it or not – in the program. Star-Wars-Fans may still be happy. On the California fair, parquet floors, three of Nissan Maxima and a Nissan Altima, Rogue and Rogue sports (the latter in this country is better under the name Qashqai), all of which were re-designed by Lucasfilm artists consuming.

Role models from the movie

The Design Team designed the look and took care of the colors, graphics, textures, and attachments. Each of the cars has a character or a vehicle from "Star Wars: The last Jedi" as a model. All the cool Star-Wars-Nissan you will find in our gallery. You will recognize immediately their cinematic godfather?(sw)