Neweys next prank is fast

Gaydon (England), 5 July 2016

When is the most successful formula 1 designer of all time does together with a traditional British sports car factory, to build the ultimate Hypercar, the competition should ever create the ears. After long seething of the rumor mill, we can now take a first look at the new most-RB 001 the Hypercar, that will beat all other hyper cars.

Trio Infernale

The project the most important designer behind with Adrian Newey, his character in formula 1 history, Marek Reichmann, Chief Designer Aston Martin and David King, Chief of the "special operations" of the British brand. The trio has as a target set to build a road car, which is just designed for everyday use, as this, Porsche 918, McLaren P1 and co of the stretch to sweep.

Carbon and V12

The most-RB 001 is based on a carbon-fibre chassis, the Marek Reichmann has drawn an equally beautiful as effective body dress with his team. Most of the important contact pressure is generated by the vehicle. A new V12 mid-engine non-turbocharged, which is to achieve very high speeds is sitting behind the driver. The combination of carbon vehicle and V12 power developers seek a power-to weight ratio of 1:1 that offers only the Koenigsegg one: 1 with 1,360 HP to as many kilograms. Both the suspension and the transmission of most RB 001 come Newey penned by Red Bull Racing designer Adrian.

A track-only version

The Aston Hypercar in Gaydon, where also the now legendary one-77 by the band is being built. For the production one is aiming for between 99 and 150 vehicles. The also planned Trackday version, which will be performance, technically just to LMP1 race car level, 25 copies are planned. There is a prize yet, the first cars will be delivered in 2018. (mf)