New Mercedes G-class leaked

München, 8. January 2018

If a car over nearly four decades, with a virtually unchanged appearance has success, then this is very very remarkable. If a car after almost four decades in the second (!) Generation and, in principle, so looks like before then, which is quite unique. And absolutely legendary. Say Hello to the new Mercedes G-class. Actually, we had the first images of the long-awaited new edition (factory code W464) Yes, only for the official world premiere at the Detroit Motor Show in 2018 (15. to 28. January) are not expected, however, the Internet was again faster and has unveiled the new G in all its edgy glory a week earlier.

More width, more space

Who is not a die-hard Fan, you will probably have to at least look twice if he wants to distinguish the new from the old G-class. Little tip: The new model has significantly more track and body width than the predecessor. This should give the two biggest drawbacks of the G – limited driving dynamics and the manageable space – noticeable relief. In addition to a more airy space, the new G-class interior, but it is also a tremendous technology Infusion. Images of the revised cockpit had released the Mercedes, of course, already a few weeks ago. To see a right-angular, but worlds more modern dashboard with the monumental 12.3-inch Display-Zwilingen, we already know from the S - and E-class.

Dynamic and all-terrain

What concerns the handling is not likely to benefit the new G-class only of the More track width. Clearly, it remains at the head of the frame, and a (revised) rear rigid axle. The front, however, the Daimler in the future will use a double wishbone axis, and thus independent. Off-road friends should not expire, therefore, immediately into a panic. The G retains its three differential locks for Zentraldiff and axes, gets even shorter gearing and also for wading depth, as well as ramps and slopes to angles.

Again with hearty AMG Version

What is the motor supply of the 2018er G-class, we grope in the dark. Here is the official debut is at the Detroit Motor Show for clarity. It is certain that the extremely popular AMG variant (will the world act of more than 50 percent of all G-classes contributed least an AMG Logo), continue as a Top model. Whether the G 65 with a thick Biturbo V12 in the quote, however, seems questionable.(sw)