New GT3 racer from Nissan

Daventry ( England ), September 28, 2015

Once created as a cost-effective entry-level racing for gentlemen drivers, experienced the GT3 class for several years a real boom. Any manufacturer who wants to leave, now has a GT3 car on offer. The next new release comes from Nissan, answers to the name GT-R Nismo GT3 and can be ordered immediately.

Two years of development and a great title

One year development in Japan and another full test operations in Europe, the GT - R is now behind him and is now ready for delivery to customers. As proof of the competitiveness of winning the Pro - Cups in the Blancpain Endurance Series 2015 starts in the success of the Japanese staple. Particular emphasis was placed on improving driveability to provide both professional and amateur riders a perfect racing machine available.

Reinforced brake

An important component that helps to build trust in a car, is the brake. This has been improved particularly with regard to durability and cooling, so Nissan. Larger pistons and new master cylinder to provide a better pedal feel. The larger and thicker brake discs branded Endless should now have enough material to get through both Sprint and long distance races without any problems.

Diet for the sumo wrestler

In addition to the improved brake particularly emphasis was placed on the weight of sumo Renner. The airlift system that virtually replaced the jack during a pit stop, was further mounted below in order to use shorter stamp can, in turn, reduce weight. In addition, the steering column, chassis and harness modified to the GT - R work off more kilos. Carbon air intake and air filter housing in the engine compartment will save a further pounds. For better weight distribution also the alternator was moved from the engine compartment to the rear axle.

More clarity and support for 485,500 euros

In the cockpit of the GT - R a revised seating position for an easier entry and exit and for an optimized balance of the car makes. The lower instrument panel in combination with the under the steering wheel improves clarity, additional pipes in the side impact safety. Anyone with a Nissan GT - R Nismo GT3 At length, receives, besides the vehicle also special customer support. Among other things, training for engineers and mechanics as well as a supply of spare parts to the circuit offered. The price of the Nissan is 485 500 euros . ( mf )