New driftvervoer for Ken Block: Hoonitruck!

Driftmeester Ken Block has a new driftauto to his garage added: an old F-150. But, of course, not just one.

The new driftslee Ken Block is a 1977 built Ford F-150, but Ken Block and his Gymkhana-friends would deny himself if the car was just completely standard. The 41-year-old pick-up has of course a more powerful engine, and what for one!

In the nose of this old F-150 is an up to 928 hp tuned version of the 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 that Ford in the LeMans version of the Ford GT has hang. That power is to all four wheels distributed. The reason that Block for these F-150 pick? The scheurneus would have to learn how to drive in a F-150 1977, a copy which was then still in the possession of his father. Notable: the pick-up, of which things like the chassis and the transmission, of course, entirely adjusted, has a back-up camera, a hitch, and even has Ford Sync.