Never be in the petrol station shop

Whitley (United Kingdom), 28 February 2017

Sometimes annoys the Tankerei? The queuing up in the shop, saying the right column number, the letter date, tank quantity and amount for the settlement? Jaguar and shell have come up with now a solution, which could inspire particularly tech-savvy people: the first in-car payment system for the tank Bill.

Pay at your fingertips in the car

The idea: After filling does not go in the shop of the station, to pay, but does the whole thing with a tap on the touch screen in the car. What perhaps initially sounds like a special solution for reservedness and autistic, has quite objective advantages. So customers need with children not to let their offspring out of sight or laboriously from the child seat to peel out it, to take it into the shop. In addition, you can pay even if you forgot to credit card and wallet. And instead of later under the seat verknitterten paper receipts having to search for the driver receives a copy of tank invoice by E-Mail. So the tank costs can be settled with the employer or elsewhere.

E-mail billing

Prerequisite for the payment at your fingertips is to install of an app on your own Smartphone. The phone is connected, then by car, you can select an any petrol pump at the gas station. After refueling, the Bill on the screen will appear. Will be paid via PayPal or Apple pay Android pay should follow later. After the nodding of the invoice amount at your fingertips, the driver receives an explicit acknowledgement of payment so he can drive away good conscience.

Start in Germany still 2017?

The new payment system was introduced already at the same time in the UK with the recent facelift of XE and XF F pace. The other markets (and thus probably also Germany) should get the in-car payment system in the course of the year 2017. Later the system on parking and tolls, or also sleepwalker could be expanded, as Jaguar. But we wait, and whether the whole thing not in the sand runs because the petrol station shops sales drops. Because who isn't in the store, take nothing more quickly in passing. (sl)