Need soon all diesel Adblue?

Hair, May 27, 2015

That cars in everyday life need more fuel, as it suggests the standard consumption, is known. The real consumption are higher depending on the investigation about 25 to 40 percent. However, DC seven higher values ‚Äč‚Äčthan in the laboratory should there be in the particularly harmful nitrogen oxide emissions ( NOx ). This resulted in an investigation of the ICCT from the year 2014. The intended now a bar to be advanced. Therefore, the relevant EU technical committee now decided that the NOx emission must be measured in the future in addition also in real driving conditions.

Measurement in real traffic

Background: The Euro 6 standard limits the NOx emissions from diesel cars to a maximum of 80 milligrams per kilometer. When approval a Euro 6 car must comply with this value on the chassis dynamometer. Now a test in real traffic is to be added. For this, the diesel vehicles with mobile measurement technology ( Portable Emissions Measurement System, PEMS ) are equipped, which measures the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust. The car then has a so-called Not-to-Exceed value comply ( NTE - value ), which is to a certain conformity factor CF is higher than the Euro 6 limit. In trucks, where PEMS measurements are not required today, a CF of 1.5 is used, the actual emissions may therefore be one and a half times higher than on the chassis dynamometer. For cars with an introduction of the emission standard Euro 6c targeted for September 1, 2017. They discussed a CF 2.75 in 2017, with a tightening in 2020 to a value of 1.5.

No details measurement method

In addition to the CF value and the exact circumstances of the supplementary examination are not fixed yet. Finally, it would make a significant difference if the car in stop-and-go traffic in a big city, uphill, moving at full load on the highway and in the winter, or of a stressed economical driving handlebars at a fair-weather excursion with pace 60 on the highway. But the automaker already provide before now. So the diesel versions of the new BMW 2er Gran Tourer are prepared for the installation of an AdBlue system that provides lower NOx levels. Heavier and strong motorized vehicles need the costly emission control today to meet the Euro 6 standard. With the RDE test the Adblue system then likely to be necessary in all diesel engines. For the driver this means that the diesel versions are probably more expensive and you have to regularly refill Adblue . ( sl )