Morgan 3 Wheeler 'EV3' in the fridge

In 2016, for the first time shown, fully electric Morgan 3 Wheeler is going to the production stage, unfortunately not.

Morgan presented in 2016 at the motor Show of Geneva, the EV3, a fully electric version of the 3 Wheeler that the book would go as the first electric production model of the particular English brand. From news of the British Autocar, which spoke with Morgan managing director Steve Morris, it appears that the car was now in the refrigerator.

According to Morris, is the supplier of the electric powertrain would deliver, is not able "[...] to adhere to the contracted terms and conditions of the project". That vendor is Frazer-Nash Energy Solution, a well-known name in the United Kingdom in the past cars were built.

The EV3 is not yet fired. According to Morris again looked at how the car in production.

Thanks to the presence of carbon-fibre-composite only 500 kilo weighing tricycle would be a 20 kWh large battery pack that would be good for cruising range of 240 km. The electric motor would be 62 hp strong. That doesn't sound like much, measuring it would be enough to make the electric Brit 9 counting at a speed of 100 km/h to help. Its top speed would, according to Morgan above 145 km/h. It is not exactly known when he appears on the market.