More sportiness for the VW Arteon

Lennestadt, 23. March 2018

Thanks to the Arteon a touch of boldness and a upper-class Feeling by Wolfsburg blows again. VW's coupe-sedan is without a doubt a steeper Tooth, but also it is based on the consolidated General purpose weapon MQB (Modular Transverse matrix). You mean: a Little more sportiness is not likely to be one or the other customers entirely in the wrong. Even if he has ordered the R-Line package. Suspension manufacturer H&R sees the apparently quite similar and has now developed a new sports springs for the Arteon.

About 30 mm down

According to H&R springs are tuned "specifically to the suspension layout and the axle loads of the Arteon". And the Sauerland, cover with their solution, as well as all of the available Arteon variants. Whether Front - or all-wheel drive, with or without the adaptive dampers. The lowering is about 25 to 30 mm. In addition to a richer optics H&R "a striking sporty on the road". Compromises in terms of agility will no longer have to now make even the most demanding Arteon-owner.

Spacers of up to 30 mm

If you want to build your Arteon in addition to a deeper fundamental stance a little more "leg-muscles", provides you H&R with its Trak+wheel spacers. The track plates come in Black or silver, and make the Volkswagen pro axis between six and 60 mm wide. Starting from 44 euros the spacers. The sport springs cost 271 Euro.(sw)