More range, more HP

Frankfurt, 13. September 2017

Before the Facelift of the Mercedes S-class Plug-in-Hybrid-model 500 e. It is replaced in the new Version by a 560-e, inter alia, more electric range and more power. To see for the first time the car is on the IAA (14. - 24. September 2017).

New Cell Chemistry

The electric range increased from 33 to 50 kilometers, the storage capacity of the batteries 22 to 37 ampere-hours (or 8.7 to 13.5 kilowatt-hours). The cell chemistry of Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePo), Lithium-Nickel-manganese-Cobalt (Li-NMC). The new battery has, despite the higher Storage capacity, smaller dimensions. Thus, the trunk volume increases from 395 to 410 litres. Charged, the battery can be, for example, a Wallbox. The on-Board loader, S 560 e, with its load capacity of 7.2 kW, a quick Refuel.

Stronger petrol engine and stronger electric motor

The S 560 e receives a new hybrid transmission, which is now based on the 9G-Tronic Plus (instead of the 7G-Tronic Plus). Especially for this gear, an electric motor – together with Bosch. In connection with the new, more performance power electronics more power and torque could be improved from 85 to 90 kW and 340 to 440 Newton meters. The 367 HP of the V6 petrol engine from the S 450. The performance of the system is not called a Mercedes, but the sprint performance has improved from 5.2 to 5.0 seconds. The peak is unchanged and reaches 250 km/h.

Eco-assistant helps to save electricity

Energy-saving, the driver supports a so-called Eco-assistant. He uses the navigation data, traffic sign recognition, as well as the data of Radar and stereo camera. So he will recognize ahead, curves, intersections, roundabouts, speed limits, and vehicles in front of you. From this, the wizard developed an optimal driving strategy. So he studied, for example, whether the car should be sailing when you Release the accelerator, or whether a Charging of the battery is about recuperation more efficient. In addition, the driver receives instructions to sense the full gas. A double pulse by the "haptic accelerator pedal" means that the driver should go from the Gas. Advance add an icon in the Central display or in the Head-up Display, along with the reason for the recommendation (for example, "crossroads", "divide").

Preconditioning as a standard

Standard equipment an extended Preconditioning. The driver (for example, Mercedes me) is a departure time, is heated in the car automatically in time, or cooled. This is made possible by the electrically-driven air-conditioning compressor and electric heating elements. In addition to the interior, air seats, steering Wheel and armrests are heated, and when Cooling the seat ventilation is activated. The price for the S 560 e has not yet been betrayed. The previous model, S 500 e, cost 110.253 Euro.(sl)