More Power, new technologies

Frankfurt/Main, 12. September 2017

After countless spy photos and leaks it is finally here and Renault pulls out officially on the show floor of the Frankfurt IAA, the towels by the new Mégane R. S.. And the new compact athletes can come up with many new technologies, a new engine and two Transmissions.

Engine size down, performance up

We begin with the Herstück, the engine. The old 2.0-Liter four-cylinder Tubobenziner out flies. He will be replaced by a derivative with a displacement of 1.8 litres. The new unit is identical to the one of the new Alpine A110. Also in the Mégane R. S. it makes 280 HP and developed, is 390 Newton-metres of torque. For the first Time in the history of the compact sports model, you have to gear the choice between a manual six-speed transmission or a six-speed dual-clutch. 280 HP is too little? Then you have to wait for the R. S. Trophy-Version, which should come to the end of 2018, with 300 HP on the market. The normal Mégane R. S. comes, however, already at the beginning of 2018. By the way: Pay for the acceleration or the maximum speed of Renault does not yet deliver. But a consumption value, It should lie at 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

The new technology solutions in Detail

In order to control all the Power with a front-wheel drive, have come up with the Renault engineers of the new Features. It is a four wheel is installed on steering system, there are two different chassis Setups are available (the"Cup" and "Sport"), there are new shock absorbers with a hydraulic stop (an Innovation from the rally sport), and is delayed with a Brembo braking system with 355-Millimeter discs on the front. Available the car only as a five-door hatchback and is equipped with the "Multi-Sense"System that offers the driver a choice of five driving modes – comfort, Normal, Sport, Race and Pro. A price has not communicated to Renault.(ml)