More M for the BMW 6 series GT

Munich, 6. July 2017

In November 2017, the new BMW 6 series Gran Turismo comes out on the market. However, on a M-Performance model or even a proper M Version of the lovers of the 6-series GT have to do without. As a consolation, there is not but only a M-sport package, but now also special M-Performance-accessories.

Sound and optics

On offer is a silencer system made of stainless steel, for example. BMW promises a sporty sound, but, nevertheless, long-distance suitability for the ears. Depending on the equipment and motorization of the System, round or trapezoidal tailpipe offers embellishers in chrome or Carbon. Even more, you can get away with the 21-inch alloy wheels on the plaster. They are manufactured in forged construction and have a double spoke design in bi-colour optic. Wheel and tyre size? 245/35 R21 at the front, 275/30 R21 on the rear.

Comeback of the rally strip

Who wants to say good-bye to chrome, get this opportunity through a black "front grille", as it is expressed in a BMW. The kidney is dark. Rounding out the M-Performance-offer by Carbon exterior mirror caps and a special film for the sill area and the sides. This is decor strip, matte black and gray in order to emphasize the beading at the height of the door handles.(rh)