More Luxury Above the Clouds

Stuttgart / Geneva, 19 May 2015

Mercedes helps Lufthansa future in the design of living room-like aircraft cabins. The two companies have now announced at the Aircraft Exhibition EBACE ( European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition ), which until May 21, 2015 will be experienced by 19 in Geneva. The aim of the cooperation is a " new, luxurious and holistic " VIP cabin concept for short-and medium-haul aircraft.

Ceiling, wall and floor ?? all one

The classical separation of ceiling, wall and floor is resolved in the new car with a new type of floor plan, so the two companies. The new spatial impression will be reinforced by a play of contrasts in materials, colors and lighting. The new cab is designed to appeal particularly design-oriented private customers worldwide.

Magic Sky Control cabin window

The cabin windows are obscured by superiors glass, so-called Black Panels. They seem to float in front of the windows and work with the Magic Sky Control technology, which is used by Mercedes for the glass roofs of cars. So let the discs were, dim electrically ?? from opaque black to transparent. A touch screen for entertainment and information to passengers can be integrated into the Black Panels. At what point, in which aircraft and which booking classes, the cabin becomes a reality, has not yet been notified . ( sl )