More coverage: Samsung SM3 Z. E.

Seoul (South Korea), 27. November 2017

Do you remember the Renault Fluence? No? Not bad, because the Compact saloon based on the Mégane was in Germany more of a shop Keeper and was therefore taken only after two unsuccessful years on the market. In other Parts of the world, the car is – even if under a different name – a best-seller. So also in South Korea, where the Renault Fluence Samsung SM3 is sold. Also, the all-electric Z. E. Version, (Z. E. stands for Zero Emission) is, since 2013, in the program and it is exactly this variant has now been subjected to an Update.

New battery, extended range

Was presented the updated SM3 Z. E. at the Daegu International Future car Expo (23. to 26. November 2017). The most important innovation in addition to subtle Appearance reminder: The old 22-kWh battery flew out of the trunk. He will be replaced by an equally large and equally heavy battery with a capacity of 36 kWh. So the range could be extended, according to the Korean driving cycle (which is significantly closer to reality than the NEDC) to 213 km. For comparison: The predecessor has been given in Europe with a range of 180 to 200 kilometers. Realistically, only about 100 kilometers.

A work week with a cargo of

According to a local study, which was conducted by the Korean Transportation Safety Authority (KOTSA), an average South Koreans on average about 40 miles a day. Thus, the electric sedan with only one charge from Monday to Friday to hold. However, the SM3 Z. E. is not only popular with private customers. Also in the case of the taxi company or government fleets of cars. Thus, the Ministry of health and welfare acquired, for example, in April of 2017, equal to 1,200 copies at once. The new model is available now ... so, at least in South Korea. The prices start at the equivalent of around 32,000 euros.(ml)