Moia goes mobile

Wolfsburg/London, 5 December 2016

Already some time ago, the Volkswagen Group had revealed his future strategy for the year 2025. An important part is the business area for mobility services. For Volkswagen has launched a 13 Group brand in the life: Moia.

With a new name in the future

Long had treated roughly entitled "Sharing" business unit stepmotherly in Wolfsburg, while presented the competition: BMW has "DriveNow", Mercedes "Car2Go" and Opel 2017 starts with "Maven" in some German cities. With Moia Volkswagen goes on the offensive, because CEO Matthias Müller notes where the rabbit runs: "even though each will no longer have a car, we want to contribute with Moia, that everyone on the one or the other type of customer of our company can be", says Müller at the brand presentation in London. This measure is for the Group pay off: by 2025, the Group would like to make a "substantial part of the sales" by the new Division.

Rides at your fingertips

The new VW company will have its headquarters in Berlin, CEO Ole harms is the Chief of about 50 workers in its initial phase until end of 2017. At a glance, one has two major business areas: on the one ride mediation per app, the so-called "ride hailing". Here Volkswagen has participated have long the company Gett, which is one of the world's leading providers in this area. Users of Gett app can book so far worldwide tours, delivery services and logistics services in over 100 cities by simply pressing a button.

On the road in the collective

On the other hand, Moia deals with the "pooling". Simplified it comes to carpool, Moia itself speaks of "integrated transport solutions" to avoid unnecessary single trips in the car. This approach should be used above all in the cross-city transport. The first pilot projects should start even 2017. Reportedly Moia wants to develop in the long run also an electric vehicle for the "pooling". (rh)