Modular is the Good Hunting

Frankfurt, July 24, 2015

The Jeep Renegade Hunter offers special facilities for hunters and foresters. However, this special edition is also intended for all nature lovers and fans of cars with an individual look. The parts offer modular allows putting together a customized hunting vehicle.

Winch for pre grinding dead sows

In order not warn the wild, in the special edition all bright or shiny parts are black foiled ( 490 euros ). This includes logos, exterior mirrors and grill. At the request of Renegade Hunter also carries black steel wheels size 16 inch ?? the complete wheel including M + S tires will cost 1,390 euros. If the traction sufficient not even help foldable sand sheets of plastic ( 19 euros ) on.

A place for disgusting

For more difficult cases ?? or for the pre-grinding of a hunted, heavy boar ?? there is a twelve-volt cable winch ( 290 euros ) which can be attached to the trailer hitch and develops up to 1.6 tonne towing capacity. Also on the trailer coupling is the Wild tub ( 169 euro ) maintenance, which takes everything Bleeding, Dripping, smelly or otherwise repulsive.

A place for the Wumme

Important for the hunters are also the gun mount for the rear seat back ( 65 euros ) and the ammunition safe ( 165 Euro ), which is screwed under the driver's seat. Other equipment such as an off-blade ( 25 euros ), a recovery strap with shackles ( 180 euros for the belt, shackle 60 euros ), a tire repair kit with compressor ( 169 euros) and a boot shell ( 75 euros ) and footwell Bowls ( Set: 119 Euro ) complete the offer.

4,190 euros for all

On order is the Jeep Renegade Hunter at jeep dealership Gauch in Mannheim. He is with all engines from 1.6 - liter gasoline engine with 110 hp to the 2.0 - liter diesel with 170 hp, four-wheel drive and nine-speed automatic is available. The additional cost for all the items is 4,190 Euro including installation . ( sl )