Mercedes: The new A-class-Cockpit in Detail

Las Vegas (USA), 10. January 2018

At the beginning of February 2018 Mercedes unveiled the all-new A-class. However, now the Swabians show a Highlight of the Baby Benz. On the electronics trade show CES in Las Vegas (9. to 12. January 2018), the brand for the first time, the digital Cockpit of the A-class in its entirety. MBUX is the magic word, the learning ability is raised by artificial intelligence.

Displays for the base

But IT is the first in the new compact-car Generation from Mercedes. In addition to the A-class also will be a notchback sedan, the GLB, and the successor of CLA, GLA and B-class. The Cockpit is offered exclusively with a dual-screen, unlike the E-class, there is no Option with analog instruments. It starts with two Seven-inch screens, the binnacle over the instruments completely free. In addition, the combination of 7-inch and 10.25 - inch Display ranks, the Topausführung are twice 10.25 inches. For a better understanding: 7 inch means a diagonal of 17.78 centimetres, 10.25 inch 26 cm. The operating concept includes three levels with increasing information density.

Full on Touch

The support is horizontally aligned with the first Mercedes A-class gets a Touchscreen, a Touchpad on the center console. The Display can also be like a Smartphone change, for example through the multi-finger gesture. Also, manuscripts can be detected. From the S - and E-class are known, the so-called "Touch-Control Buttons" on the steering Wheel, to react to wiper's movements.

As you like it

Almost entirely according to personal preferences, the fully digital instrument cluster that allows the configuration of the Instrument. As an alternative to the classical speed display in the left Tube also Show how analog clock and on-Board computer or the information to the Radio or music can be placed. In the right-hand Tube of an assistant graphic that will be displayed at the moment of consumption, the Eco display or a navigation map in addition to the tachometer. In Fullscreen mode, the entire area of the instrument cluster is used for the representation of the assistance for travel or Navigation.

The help of the camera

Speaking of Navi: A completely new Feature is the Augmented Reality added to the map display. With the help of the front camera captured video image of the environment is enriched by helpful navigation information, for example, note the arrows or the house numbers are automatically displayed directly to the image on the touch screen.

Talk to me!

Highlights from Mercedes voice recognition, which not only responds to defined commands, but also in an indirect language. An example: The user says to control the air conditioning, "I'm cold" instead of "temperature 24 degrees". At the same time, the System is capable of learning and do Not understand native speakers better, and the Software-models learning on the Server with the new fashion of words, or a changed use of language. If the "A-Klässle" is then also schwäbisch?(rh)