Mercedes test car fleet in Stuttgart autonomously in road transport

Autonomous road

Mercedes-Benz may test the next generation of autonomous cars on public roads in the Stuttgart area. This decided the relevant Government Bureau. Current development focus of the new fleet of test cars: the car that driverless comes via app to the owner.

The latest generations of the sensor as well as the "DAVOS" operating system is goal of autonomous test cars on the basis of the V-class from Mercedes-Benz (Daimler autonomous vehicle Operating System) to test in the real traffic. Deep-learning technologies, as well as graphics processors (GPUs) hardly used so far in the automotive sector are new on board in addition to LiDAR sensors. Testing of fully automated driving is monitored in future reasons always by two specially trained drivers in the car.

2011 had already received approval for the testing of autonomous vehicles on German roads Mercedes-Benz and successfully completed the Bertha Benz ride in August 2013 at the research vehicle S 500 intelligent about 100 kilometres laid back drive. Based on the experience at the time, as well as from numerous other tests world's Mercedes-Benz has developed the Daqvos for autonomous vehicles. (ampnet/jri)