Mercedes S (par ) class

Stuttgart, August 1, 2014

The three-liter luxury sedan comes. What should be it special? Well, the liter - value does not relate to the new S-Class variant of Mercedes on the size of the combustion chambers. In fact, they should be the consumption of the large ship. The give the Swabians with 2.8 liters per 100 kilometers negligible at.

V8 performance

The first plug-in hybrid, which is installed in a Mercedes vehicle could transform the S-Class in their drinking habits. According to Prof. The S 500 Plug-in hybrid joins Dr. Thomas Weber, Member of the Board of Daimler AG, the performance of a V8 with the fuel consumption of a compact model.

33 km all-electric

Completely emission-free Stuttgart can travel up to 33 kilometers. The purely electric top speed is specified at 140 km / h reached by an electric motor with 85 kW or 116 hp. System performance, consisting of the current drive called and a V6 petrol engine is 442 hp and 650 Nm of torque. Sprinter qualities should also have the luxury trades. In 5.2 seconds, it goes with the performance from zero to 100 km / h to 250 km / h sealed off.

Predictive energy system

Many vehicle components give many readings and records. These are for the driver on the instrument cluster behind the wheel and on the infotainment system in the center console to read. The energy system is working proactively and autonomously. It fits to the Hybrid Combustion - interaction the market or the track. If you want to, but can also intervene manually. By means of four operating modes and three driving modes you remain the master of its own the vehicle.

Standard and optional equipment

First time as standard in the battery - S-Class a preconditioning of the passenger compartment. This means that the car is air conditioned to the start of the journey to the preset temperature. Who else wants a well-heated steering wheel, a cooled seat armrests or lukewarm, it pays (630 euros ). Even otherwise, the options list is long and ranges from an intelligent lighting system ( 1,773 Euro ) to a 3D surround system ( 7,497 Euro ). The base price of S ( Tromer ) class is € 108 945. From September 2014, the luxury liner is efficient then the merchants. (ml )