Mercedes GLE 2019 standing

Hair, 13. June 2018

Our latest spy images show fallen the next Mercedes GLE in principle. We recognize a lights design in the style of the current CLS and the new A-class. The typical scale Mercedes design language is the GLE by a few angular coarse Details masculine and "offroadiger". The Front gets inlets powerful air and a very large Grill. In addition, you recognize a significant fender flares.

Almost five meters

The new GLE will be based on the MRA platform the current E-class that is optimized for both large SUVs (including the upcoming GLS). Sure is: The new GLE will grow significantly and at the Five-Meter mark to scratch. Probably, in terms of space, the mighty Audi Q7 on the Pelle. Problems with the big brother, the GLS will not give it, by the way. The grows also, in the next Generation of Super-luxury SUVs like Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, or BMW X7.

Not so much easier

A lot of room for weight reduction there are not in the new GLE, apparently. Lighter body materials help, but eat mostly the size, growth, and more technology. If at the end of a 50-Kilo jump out, that's already a success. Under two tons of the upcoming GLE creates so well only with the base engine and rear-wheel drive.

Probably with a Diesel-Hybrid

This brings us to the drives, which will take the 2019er-GLE most of the E-class. This also includes a 48-Volt mild hybrid. In the GLE 450 and maybe even with a four cylinder engine in the GLE 350, which would then also to 299 HP. To Plug-in hybrids Mercedes will not come at the GLE over. Also, a Diesel-Plug-in is considered to be safe. AMG, is expected to contribute to the GLE 53 with 435-horsepower mild hybrid and the GLE 63 with up to 612 horsepower Biturbo V8. In terms of driving behavior, technology and the agility to help on the jumps. Rumor has it that the new GLE as the first Mercedes, an active suspension, in the case of the electric actuators, the dampers even more precise control.

Inside MBUX

The inside of the now somewhat antiquated-looking GLE is cleared out powerful. You can expect two huge screens in the E - and S-class as well as the new IT-System, which debuted in the A-class. The new Mercedes GLE is expected to be in 2018 will be presented and the beginning of 2019 come to the market. A GLE coupe should also give back. Probably with a good year.(sw)