Mercedes GLC F-Cell when the fuel cell?

Stuttgart, 5. September 2017

Since the 1980s, the engineers at Daimler (then Daimler-Benz) with the fuel cell as a vehicle drive. In 1994 we presented the NECAR 1, 2003, a A-class was followed by a fleet test. 2011 Mercedes built 200 copies of the B-class F-Cell, which over ten millions of miles in the hands of the customer. However, apart from the study F 015 Luxury in 2015, and it was a clean drive. Up to now, because of the GLC F-Cell is on the verge of series production. A pre-production model at the IAA in 2017 (14. - 24. September) in Frankfurt.

GLC F-Cell Plug-in Hybrid

For now, Mercedes is but only in vague hints, without really specific Details of the technology. Is spoken of an interpretation as a Plug-in Hybrid. The hydrogen tanks are installed in collision-protected area between the axles of vehicles and receive the additional protection of the Tanks down the sub-frame. For the case of a crash, additional measures have been implemented, such as, for example, a multi-stage valve system, and special electrical protection circuits to secure the high-voltage network. The GLC F-Cell pre-production model carried out crash tests to show that a comparable level of safety as conventional vehicles is achieved.

Thin Station Network

A hydrogen vehicle is no cheaper fun, shows Toyota. There already, the Mirai will be offered. Price: 78.600 Euros. In addition, the number of hydrogen filling stations is currently still manageable. A total of 32 water yet fuel-filling stations in Germany completed, funded by the Federal government through the National innovation programme for hydrogen and fuel cell technology (NIP). The Federal government has been involved with 1.8 million euros in the construction of both plants. By 2018, it is expected to reach 100 stations.(rh)