Mercedes driver makes to managers

Stuttgart, 25 September 2014

Many will remember the first and clumsy driving tests autonomous vehicles: computer scientists and engineers have in common production cars heavily loaded somewhere in the Nevada desert with computer and camera equipment, then more or less successfully abzufahren a safe course. This is now about ten years ago. From the sci-fi dreams is now slowly but surely reality.

" Revolution on the highway "

Mercedes also working on autonomous vehicles. The fully mobile single - Future Truck 2025 exhibit celebrates currently its world premiere at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 ( September 25-October 2 ) in Hannover. The " Revolution on the highway ," said Mercedes, is an optical and technical look into the future of freight transport. The capabilities of the Future Truck 2025 demonstrated the prototype in the summer of 2014 runs at speeds up to 80 km / h in realistic traffic situations on a section of the A14 motorway at Marburg.

"Highway Pilot"

Radar sensors and camera technology allow the Robo - Truck autonomous driving independently of other vehicles or control center. Mercedes has summed all previously available wizards to a whole and calls the merger in accordance with the autopilot in an aircraft "Highway Pilot".

Technology, engineering, technology

In the lower part of the front end a radar sensor scans the long and short range forward. It covers a range of 250 meters in a viewing angle of 18 degrees. The proximity sensor covers 70 meters and 130 degrees. The technique of radar systems is the same as it is built in already available today spacing detectors or emergency braking. The front of the vehicle also has a stereo camera in sight. It is mounted behind the windshield. It identifies incoming and multilane roadways and all movable and immovable objects. The lateral and rearward visibility take on additional radar sensors. They have a range of 60 meters and cover an angle of 170 degrees.

futuristic packaging

The entire technology arsenal from the Mercedes - development department was also packed futuristic. The tractor is aerodynamically shaped. With the engine off, neither the headlights nor the indicators show. After starting the engine the Future Truck 2025 comes to life. LEDs shine through the silver paint and make the uniform surfaces headlights and turn signals. In manual driving the front lights up the way white, autonomous driving is activated, the color changes to blue.

futuristic interior

The interior has little in common with today's cabs of lorries. Fine materials such as wood and leather make with smooth transitions from the passenger compartment of a kind office space with changing views. The rear view mirrors have been replaced by screens and the driver's seat can be rotated while the automatic drive to the side. So, the future truck driver could simultaneously perform incidental clerical work. He is a supervisory manager who has all sorts of screens all vehicle and transport data at a glance.

Legal Issues

While some autonomous driving using different assistance systems is already allowed the legislature to fully autonomous driving still limited to a speed of ten miles an hour. Here, something would have to change in order for the Future Truck 2025 really should take part in public transport.

Future, but when?

When from the former Brummi pilots so a vehicle Watching Transport Manager, can not say exactly. Presumably indicated Mercedes with the name of Future Truck 2025 a angepeiltes year for a series production and overcoming legal hurdles to. At least until then, the truck driver is still so drivers may be called . (ml)