Mercedes brings LED projectors

Stuttgart, 14. November 2017

The illuminated Mercedes star for selected models since 2013, as a customisation option for the Swabians. But now, the manufacturer goes a step further: New to the program projectors in the exterior mirrors, which can light up emblem AMG on the Asphalt are now LED.

AMG Logo or Mercedes-star

Available projectors for a number of series of A - to the GLS-class. They can be purchased for new cars as an Option or in the case of used cars as a retrofit. The AMG Logo appears when you Open the doors and shows a tree on the river, as well as a Cam and a valve and all the valve spring. Alternatively, instead of the AMG symbols that stand for the company's headquarters in Affalterbach and the engine may illuminate, also the star of Mercedes under the front doors.

When will the Maybach Version?

You drive a Mercedes-Maybach? Don't worry, because sooner or later it is sure to give the double-M Logo as a LED projector. Us is not entirely clear what these Gimmicks, but there seems to be a real market for it. Otherwise other manufacturers would not offer such lighting solutions or Mercedes my, that "the entry into the vehicle to the impressive experience".(ml)