Mercedes-AMG C 43 H&R„Facelift“

Lennestadt, 9. March 2018

At the Geneva motor show the Facelift for the Mercedes-AMG C 43. However, even for the current model, there is a "Facelift". H&R offers it for the Cabriolet, the coupe, the sedan and the T-model in the Form of special sport springs.

25 to 30 mm deep

The springs in combination with the serial dampers of the "AMG Ride Control suspension" lowering of the Vehicle center of gravity to about 25 to 30 mm. This not only ensures a particularly sporty vehicle appearance but also for better driving dynamics. Between the wheel well edges, and the 19-inch wheels, only a hand's width of air – in the style of Relatives from the DTM, which by the way are also equipped with H&R technology.

Wheel spacers in different sizes

Who would like to turn to the individualization screw, order the "Trak+"wheel spacers. For the precise positioning of the sport wheels to the contours of the wheel arches and the self-conscious widening of the wheelbase, H&R dimensions from 3 to 30 mm per axis, in Black and silver. The sport springs cost 271 Euro, the wheel spacers are from 44 euros per axis.(sl)