Mercedes A-class sedan caught

Stuttgart, 1. September 2017

At the Auto Shanghai in 2017, Mercedes demonstrated the remarkably attractive Concept, A Sedan for the first time, as a small sedan below the "four-door coupe" might look like CLA. Now it seems to be serious with the A-class sedan, because for the first Time, the somewhat more conventional four doors of our prototype has been killed photographers.

Higher roof line, more space

Striking: compared To the sleek (some would impractical) to say CLA, there is a significantly higher roof line. Good for the heads of the rear passengers. Well, probably for everything you want to stick it in the trunk. It is, therefore, to use-oriented, and probably cheaper than the current CLA. The, in turn, could mutate in the next Generation, to a kind of Fastback.

Close to the Concept A Sedan

As you can see on the pictures of the still heavily camouflaged A-class sedan, is given by the proportional proximity to the Concept A Sedan. Especially from the B-pillar, it looks very much like the dashing Shanghai study. You can see this, for example, on the rear lights, the draw is now up in the Luggage compartment lid. The front you can identify the later standard model, a much larger Overhang. Lights, Grill and co. should, however, be quite close to the Concept A. This is also true for the Rest of the new A-class family.

Significantly upgraded interior

One of the biggest innovations of the next A-class Generation affects everything that has anything to do with interior and Cockpit. On one of our spy pictures you can see the (still heavily camouflaged) dashboard of the new Mercedes compact class. Recognizable, a larger infotainment screen and digital instruments. However, prototypes have been spotted, the two large and contiguous Screens had, as you know, the E - and S-class.

Premiere in the course of the year 2018

Meanwhile, the A-class is expected to grow Portfolio. The beginning of 2018 – the new five-door hatchback that makes – probably, at the beginning of the year. The A-class-sedan should soon follow. By the end of the decade, a family of A – is expected to increase is home to a revised Version of the MFA platform of the new variants of the CLA, GLA and B-class. Also a little kantigerer, shirt-sleeved Crossover called GLB (a kind of Mini-G-class) is called in this context. In addition to the usual engines, it should be in the future in the A-class with a Plug-in Hybrid. Two AMG versions to come. The future range-topping A 45 could already be driving part electrically, and far more than 400 HP.(sw)